Eye tumors,either benign or malignant, are cancerous lesions/mass which arise in or around the eye. Though they are not frequent, they can have severe effects. Malignant tumors,in particular may cause eye loss or many other life threating situations. Eye tumor may arise within or around the eye but also be secondary tumors caused by cancers that have spread from other tissues, which is called metastasis.

How eye tumor occurs?

Cells of human body grow in number by dividing. This process occurs after the cell has copied all its DNA. Uncontrolled cell division is what causes tumor or cancer, though what causes this uncontrolled process, therefore eye tumors, is not definite at all. Tumors in any part of the body can also arise in or around the eye. Tumors might be malignant or benign depending on cancer cell’s division behavior. Beign tumors are considerably easier to be cured as they don’t tend to spread other tissues. However, malignant tumors are highly difficult and complicated to deal with.

Types of eye tumors?

Eye tumors are cancer mass that arise within or around the eye. It is critical to notice the structure, place and some other features of the tumor for treatment period.

  • Retinoblastoma: a rare intraocular malignant tumor. More frequent during infancy and childhood. It a known fact that hereditary factors play a key role. Parents should look for any sign of the disease. White spots on the eye, redness, any swelling should not be ignored. Most common presentation of retinoblastoma is with crossed eye. Symptoms mentioned above should not be ignored and children should be taken to regular eye exams.
  • Eyelid tumors: appear on or around the eyelid and most of them are benign. Symptoms are swelling and unhealing wounds. Compared to other eye tumors, eyelid tumors are more common. The type of tumor should be diagnosed first for the proper treatment.
  • Melanoma: malignant intraocular tumor. More common during adulthood. Anyone who has spots on the White part of his eye should not neglect regular eye exam. If it spreads from within the eye, it may have serious effect. Melanoma can cause eye removal when it has become too big. Anything less than that can be treated with laser.
  • Capillary hemangioma: can be found on eyelids, conjuctiva-eye surface-, in the eye socket. A benign tumor consisting of an abnormal overgrowth of tiny blood vessels. May appear at birth or within the first months of life. Depending on the part of eye it involves causing vision loss, proper treatment is necessary.
  • Lymphangioma: benign tumor with dilation of vessels. Although benign cells dont tend to spread, lymphangioma can spread among vessels. Therefore treatment process is highly complicated.
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma: the most frequent malignant tumor of the orbit in children. Related treatment include chemotherapy and radiotherapy along with surgical operations.