In recent years, thanks to the development of laser technology is no fate to use glasses.

Laser eye surgery (with a history of about 30 years ) can free you from wearing glasses .Excimer Laser treatment successfully applied in our clinic with our experienced, well- trained physicians .

With detailed eye examinations and various preoperative tests, we are able to treat the patients who are determined to be appropriate :

– Myopia number  up to  -12 (max)

– Hypermetropia up to  +6(max)

– Astigmatism up to -/+ 6 (max).

As a centre of excellence in eye care offering specific eye care to any patient above the age 18,we welcome you to our clinic with our  great team.

In this treatment, where we can treat everyone above 18 years of age, we offer a much more comfortable and quality service with personalized laser treatment in our clinic. The procedure is carried out within 8-10 minutes for approximately two eyes without pain by numbing with drops. It could be light stinging and burning for the day. Patients come to the next day with a clear vision. In spite of the improvements in all these laser technologies, we recommend alternative intraocular lens treatments for our non-satellite patients. These managements are commonly referred to as Phakic intraocular lenses, ICL intraocular lenses and successfully applied to appropriate patients in our clinic.