Oculaplastic surgery is a subspecialty dealing with any procedure related with reconstruction of eyelids, tear ducts and eye socket-the orbit-. Generally speaking, eye as an organ and any part related to it are what concern oculoplastics.

What are oculaplastic procedures?

  • Droopy eyelids: the medical term for it is ptosis, meaning drooping of the eyelids which usually occurs as a result of aging. Besides aging, eye injury, paralysis or trauma at birth are known to be among the causes. Ptosis may be noticed in the mirror, though this is not the case always. During a regular eye exam, this condition may be brought to your attention and can be treated with surgery elevating the lids to a better height and  returning the eyelid  to its natural position.
  • Eyelid malposition/reconstruction:  Eyelid is thinner and more sensitive than any other tissue of the human body. If procedure isn’t performed properly, there may arise unpleasant conditions. Drooping,bags,tissue mass,scarring or a condition in which eyelid is turned in toward the eye are main conditions targeted for treatment due to aesthetic or health reasons. Thanks to the oculoplastic surgeries, returning the eyelid to its natural position is possible.
  • Botox around the eyes: botox is an injection full of toxin produced by some specific bacteria –clostridium botulinum- and used for aesthetic purposes besides medical conditions. It is not only for wrinkles around the eye but it also relaxes muscle, which is its real function.
  • Brow lift:  muscles around eyebrows can lead to conditions in which brow lifting becomes a necessity due to aging. Drooping of the eyebrow might be a result of trauma, paralysis or birth problems.
  • Blocked tear duct: tear ducts can be blocked because of infection. Tears , playing a critical role for the cleansing of the eye, later drains through the ducts into the nose. Excess tear accumulates when the tear duct is blocked, which results in watery eyes. Infection is inevitable due to microorganisms that can reproduced easily in this excessive amount of liquid in the eye. To protect oneself against the unavoidable the blocked tear duct should be treated with surgical procedures. Thank to the advanced technology it is a quick and painless surgery performed with laser through nasal septum.
  • Orbital tumor: tumors grow fast. Although it is widely known what effect the condition, the main cause of it is yet to be discovered. Orbital tumor occur in the eye socket causing pressure on the eye moving it forward or backward. Removing the tumor usually requires a great deal of complicated procedures and extensive surgeries.