What is Squint ?

Squint(Crossed eye) is a condition occuring due to incoordination of eye muscles that move the eye. For each of your eyes there are 6 muscles that help move the eye in different directions. These muscles make both eyes look in the same direction besides their movement. Each eye may focus on  different points because of multiple muscle problems, which ends in their forming two dissimilar visions. This means having double vision for adults; for children,on the other hand, the other vision is not perceived by the human brain . Therefore there are no double visions for them but a lazy eye problem. Eyes directed in different directions may cause the child’s feeling left-out therefore have psychological effects on him/her since lazy eye might end in an aesthetically distorted image.

What are the symptoms of crossed eye ?

The symptoms of esotropia should be taken seriously and parents had better seek early treatment. Lazy eye problem can be prevented with early diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The most significant symptom of cross eye is eyes that are not properly aligned. In addition to this, blurry vision, inability in determining the distance of objects, double vision in adults are other symptoms of esotropia. Double vision in brain may cause headache due to the struggle of seeing thing double.

Treatment for crossed eyes

Crossed eyes condition is not always due to the fact that eyes are not aligned. Nose structure of new borns is not definite which makes the baby look like with crossed eyes. This condition is called the false appearance of crossed eyes. The patient should visit an eye doctor for a definite diagnosis so that treatment process will begin.

The treatment for crossed eyes change according to how serious the condition is. Some patients are prescribed glasses while others may need botox. Botox injections help relax the muscles that are not working accordingly. Orthophoria is another method for said condition. In this method, complications formed in eye vision are attempted to be treated. Surgery is the last option when other solutions do not have the desired efects. Through surgery, muscles that cannot contract or relax are corrected.

Pediatric eye problems

Conditions occuring in the first years of life may lead to more serious problems if left untreated in their early stages. It is relatively easy for these diseases to be cured in early ages. However, parents should be alert all the time, looking for any symptoms related to these conditions as children are not capable of describing exactly what is bothering them. Every child should be taken to an eye doctor for regular eye exam even if she/he has no complaints whatsoever. Most common pediatric problems are stated below:

  • Congenital cataract:  Although it is commonly thought that cataracts happen only to older people, this condition might be present at birth in a child.
  • Lazy eye: When patient’s one eye has better focus than the other, child’s brain starts to ignore the blurry image and vision in that eye will get worse, all of these will lead to misalignment of your kid’s eyes. Prescription of eye glasses is one way of treatment for the lazy eye.
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP): It is a disease that affects the eyes of premature or underweight babies. A disorder of the developing retinal blood vessels/ Underdeveloped blood vessels of retina cause this condition which can be taken under control after your eye doctor screens the infant’s eyes for ROP